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News outlets criticized for not including ‘Paranormal’ section

Millions of people across the world (particularly ‘developed’ countries in North America) are criticizing their major and minor news outlets alike (including newspapers and online news sources) for failing to implement a ‘paranormal’ or ‘supernatural’ section within their columns. The so called ‘developedness’ of many countries has led the majority of people to only focus on materialism, and adopting Western Greek philosophies pertaining only to ‘logic’ and ‘reasoning’, but neglecting to include the metaphysical aspects that were once very influential.

“It’s like a chain reaction,” explains media expert Tom Hickins, “people don’t believe in it, so newspapers don’t include it because they don’t want to ruin their credibility and ‘seriousness’, and not including it makes people who were once neutral towards the subject unbelieving just because they don’t see it in the news. In the end, both the reader and the newspaper plays an equal role in the extinction of beliefs that cannot be explained by ‘science’. People don’t understand that humanity has its limitations. Only those who are cocky seem to think that they are all there is to this world and that their brains can solve everything in this world.”

“Truth is,” adds scientist Jillian George, “true scientists keep an open mind and remain skeptics at all times. That’s the root of science. Science is about finding out through deduction. That doesn’t mean we disregard other methods of finding out. If we see an apple, then we know it exists. That was not scientific, it was empirical. But do we disregard the existence of the apple just because we didn’t put it through the scientific method? No. Furthermore, Theories are only that: theories. Throughout history, we see them change all the time. Either we find out someone made it up for personal gain, a new discovery emerges which cancels out a previous construct, or anything else for that matter; theories just change. Theories are not truth, and truth itself changes. Therefore, we do not want to be associated with atheists who think they’re intellectually superior,” she further adds, “it’s really unintelligent to think that, and to group those atheists with scientists is an insult to the intelligence of the scientific community.”

When asked, newspapers all responded similarly. “We don’t want to seem like a heeby-jeeby weird news source that can’t be taken seriously,” says one. Shockingly, one tells us a possible secret that may be the real truth: “We’re not allowed. Even if all the evidence is there, even if it’s a scientific study, we’re not allowed to publish it. That’s why you never see or hear about it in the news, even though it happens all the time everywhere.”

Another replies, “We only publish the truth.”

When questioned about the truth and where they get it from, an insider leaked that there is a possibility that “free speech” isn’t really free at all (in the United States). Not only does the government control major news outlets, but so do the wealthy and elite of America. They want the media to portray America as good, and they want any image that will do themselves good [the wealthy and elite]. Thus, portraying that image as ‘truth’ in a ‘credible’ newspaper is the best and most influential way to do it.

“For example, Gaddafi had wanted to do something to benefit the other side of the world. He wanted to unite Africa or something, and make them all have a single currency. That would no doubt put America’s number one spot in the economy at risk, and the wealthy could not have that,” exposes an insider, “so the media portrays us Americans as the good guys, and wipes out any threatening people of the world, while claiming that as a heroic act.”

“Perhaps some may consider that as just conspiracy. But it’s proven fact that companies often pay newspapers to run articles. Money runs the world, not truth.”

If that is true, then paranormal and supernatural phenomenon would have even more truth than the current ‘politics’ sections of the news. Therefore, ‘validity’ would not be a valid excuse for not including the aforementioned. Perhaps it’s propaganda to instill beliefs (or lack of).

Whether a secret society wants you to be materialistic, hedonistic, atheist, etc.; or if it’s just a natural phenomenon occurring at large in society, the consequences are all the same.

*To counter this problem, The Blind Times has decided add a new section: Paranormal.

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